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2013 Haas ST-30SSY Haas 32 CNC Control w/ 15" LCD

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In 2010 Haas introduced the new Haas ST Series of lathes.  These Haas CNC lathes included the Haas ST30, which was stanard as a chucker, but was also offered with a tailstock, and the Haas ST30SS, which was a super speed version of the machine.  Each of these units was available to include a milling option that worked in cohesion with a full C axis spindle rotation in order to offer Haas live tooling.  The standard Haas ST-30 offered 31.75" swing over the apron with 21" maximum cutting diameter and a 10" chuck.  A super speed version known as the ST-30SS offered the same 31.75" over the apron but had a reduced 16" maximum cutting diameter with a 10" chuck.  The standard arrangement on either offered a 3.5" spindle bore with a maximum bar capacity of 3.0" when used with the standard hydraulic chuck.  The standard Haas ST-30 offered 30" between centers with 26" maximum cut length when used with a tailstock as did the optional ST30SS.  The optional milling feature was offered with VDI 40 driven tools for both axial and radial milling capability.  These tools ran at up to 6,000 rpm driven by a 5 HP mill drive.  
Some additional options that were offered included the 4.62" spindle bore option which used a A2-8" spindle nose and 40 HP main motor upgrade.  This allowed for 4" bar capacity with a hydraulic chuck.  There were also 3 different turret options available for the machines.  This included the bolt-on design, the VDI design, and the VB hybrid design.  Each had their own advantages.  The ST-30SS has a 12 sided/24 station turret VDI/BOT style turret that accepted BOT tools and VDI40 tools.  The standard ST30 Haas CNC lathe offered a belt driven spindle but was offered with a 2 speed gearbox option.  The ST-30SS uses a 30 HP, 4800 RPM spindle as standard features.  In addition to the different turret design the ST-30SS also had higher 1200 IPM rapids on the Z axis.  The forementioned tailstock, and big bore features were optional as was a steady rest, tool presetter, different chuck sizes, and chip removal options.  The machine could also be set up with a bar feed and parts catcher and Y axis capability.
Some of the new advantages that came with the Haas ST-30 series when it replaced Haas' SL series in 2010 were a newly designed base casting which helped with rigidity and chip flow.  It is also more compact, with a symmetric spindle head for additionally increased rigidity and improved thermal stability.  The tailstock was redesigned with shorter geometry in order to improve cutting performance.  The drive motor was relocated above the spindle in order to optimized venting and pull heat away from the bearings and belt drive.  Way covers were improved, enclosure was redesigned, the relocated hydraulic power unit allows for adjustment now in front of the machine, and cogged style drive belts transfer power more efficiently, run cooler, and improve threading performance on this newly designed Haas cnc lathe series.
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Chuck Size 10" Hydraulic Chk
Maximum Swing Over Bed/Cross Slide 31.75" / 20.75"
Maximum Turning Diam. / Length 16" / 26"
Maximum Bar Capacity 3.0"
X-Axis Travel 12.5"
Y-Axis Travel +/- 2.0"
Z-Axis Travel 26"
Spindle Nose / Spindle Bore A2-6" / 3.5"
Spindle Speed 4,800 RPM
Spindle Motor 30 HP
Live Tool Speeds 3,000 RPM
Live Tool Motor 5 HP
Turret Type 24 Position Turret
Tool Type 12 Bolt On / 12 VDI
Rapid Traverse Rates X, Y / Z 472 IPM / 1200 IPM
Tailstock Taper / Travel MT #4 / 20"
Machine Dimensions 158.5" x 79" x 82"
Machine Weight 15,840 lbs.

Equiped with

10" 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
Live Milling & Drilling Capability
Full "C" Axis Spindle Rotation
Y Axis Capability
Belt Type Chip Conveyor
Parts Catcher
24 Station Hybrid Style Turret
Automatic Tool Presetter
Fully Programmable Tailstock
Rigid Tapping
750 MB Programming Memory
High Speed Machining
High Intensity Lighting
15" Color LCD Monitor
Memory Lock Switch
Spindle Orientation
USB Port Interface
RS 232 Port Interface
All Available Manuals
(2) Live Tool Holders