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2017 Ganesh Cyclone 32CS Ganesh Control


The GANESH CYCLONE-32 CS is a 7-axis 1.25” (32mm) bar diameter sliding headstock CNC lathe without a guide bushing, which facilitates faster setups, greater workpiece concentricity, and superior cutting rigidity over conventional Swiss-style lathes. The CYCLONE-32 CS configuration allows for short cycle-times because the Counter Spindle can work simultaneously with the Main Spindle. The CYCLONE-32 CS does not require the use of ground barstock or a guide bushing like the Swiss-style machines must use, this together with the much shorter bar remnant, represents additional profitability when using this machine design. The CYCLONE-32 CS CNC screw machine configuration also allows for shorter cycle times due to the enhanced machine rigidity and the ability to aggressively rough cut and then finish with a second tool, all while achieving much greater tool life. The CYCLONE-32 CS can use as many of the 27-available tools as necessary to rough and finish features on the workpiece. Swiss machines cuts are limited to the length of the guide bushing, and longer cuts must be micro-fed at full depth with one-tool in just one-pass which burns up expensive tooling. These advantages are particularly evident in tougher materials where the capability of the Cyclone 32CS excels.


Number of Controlled Axes 7 Axis'
X Axis Travel 7.28"
Y Axis Travel 19.29"
Z Axis Travel 6.5"
C Axis Spindle Movement - Both Spndl 360,000 Positions
Bar Capacity Main Spindle / Subspindle 1.375" / 1.25"
Spindle Speed Main/Sub Spindle 6,000 / 6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor Main/Sub Spindle 10 HP / 5 HP
Total Number of Tools 27 Tools
Number of OD Turning Tools 6 OD Tools
Number of Live Tools 9 Live Positions
Live Tooling Speed 4,000 RPM
Live Tool Motor 2 HP
Rapid Traverse Rate Main Spindle Side 1,180 IPM
Rapid Traverse Rate Sub Spindle Side 590 IPM
Z Axis Travel Subspindle Side 11.61"
X Axis Travel Subspindle Side 11.53"
Machine Dimensions LxWxH 95" x 59" x 76"
Machine Weight 8,280 lbs

Equiped with

Gang Tools
7 Axis Capability
Live Milling Capability
Full C Axis Capability
Y Axis Capability
Edge Patriot 338 12' Autoload Barfeed System
Parts Catcher
Parts Exit Conveyor
Chip Conveyor
Coolant Chiller System
Air Blast Nozzle
RS-232 Port Interface
(4) Main Spindle Live Cross Tools
(3) Main Spindle Live Front Tools
(2) Sub Spindle Live Front Tools
Mist Buster
80 Gallon Coolant Tank
Machine on Hours 6,470
Machine Operating Hours 2,969
Machine Cutting Hours 2,533
Spindle Running Hours 2,938




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