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Our large collection of 5-axis vertical CNC Machines, ABL Technology has the quality CNC vertical milling machines needed for any manufacturing business. We carry various CNC machines, from Matsuura, Bostomatic, DMG, Mitsubishi, and more! Check our inventory for more selections.

A significant benefit of the 5-axis machine, compared to the 3-axis is that the machines are able to manufacture more complex parts in one single unit. Additionally, the 5-axis vertical milling machine reduces machining time, increasing production and reducing errors. This machine is also faster when it comes to engineering parts.

One of the advantages vertical CNC Machines have over its horizontal comrades is the dexterity of the machine in its rotational movement. Horizontal machines are somewhat limited in movement, while vertical machines are able to cut all sides, and drill and bore raw materials.

If you’re in need for a machine that can do it all, from making simple widgets to complex torque converters, ABL Technology has the quality used CNC vertical milling machines that you need. Contact ABL Technology today for more information.