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2017 Mazak Integrex I-630V/6 Mazatrol SmoothX

Not Available

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Chuck Size 32" Diameter
Maximum Machining Diameter 41.34"
Maximum Machining Length 39.37"
Maximum Workpiece Weight 3,850 lbs. includes plt.
C Axis Rotating Speeds 550 RPM
C Axis Table Rotation 0.0001 Degree
X Axis Travel 58.11"
Y Axis Travel 41.34"
Z Axis Travel 41.34"
B Axis Travel -30 to +120 (150 deg)
Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 50 HP
Tool Magazine 80 Position ATC
Machine Dimensions N/A
Machine Weight N/A

Equiped with

80 Position Tool Changer
2 Pallet Changer
Spindle Chiller Unit
Prepped for Monitoring System B
Absolute Positioning System Linear Axes
Remote Jog Handle
Manual Rotaton of 2PC Loading Station
Coolers for Ball Screws
Auto Power On/Off & Warm UP
ATC & APC Auto Recovery
Smooth Standard Software
User Macro Common Variable 600 Pairs
Mazak Tapping/Boring Tornado
G37 Auto Tool Length Measurement Laser Rotation Tool Measure
Inverse Time Feed
Sequence Number Comparison Stop Function
Tilted Work Plane
3-D Coordinate Conversion
300-PAIRS Polar Coordinates
EIA Input Function
Direct Entry of Drawings Dimensions
EIA Pattern Cycle(GRID, ARC)
LAN Port Interface
19" Color LCD Touch Screen
Relocation Detector
Automatic Tool Eye
B-Axis Cylincrical & Polar Coordiante EIA
B-Axis Mill Spindle Syncronous Tapping
Chip Conveyor
Touch Sensor (RMP600) Radio Type
EIA Dynamic Conpensation 2
5-Axis Machining Package for SmoothX
213 PSI Hi-Pressure Coolant Thru System
Hi-Torque Milling Spindle Speed 5,000 RPM
5-Axis Spline Interpolation
Fine Spline Interpolation (EIA)
All Available Manuals