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2002 Charmilles Robofil 390 Charmilles Millenium

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The Robofil 390 saves time and money in a wide variety of applications. With a mechanical design that delivers precision, ruggedness, and reliability.  The Robofil 390/690 is well suited to support a multitude of stamping tools, mechanical engineering applications, and plastic injection mold inserts. Equipped with the CT-Millennium CNC, a Windows-based numerical control, the Robofil 390 delivers instant cutting action without the need to fill or drain the work tank.  The EAF-Technology (Enclosed Adaptive Flushing) also provides easy loading and ready access to the workpiece for improved productivity. And, the Robofil 390 also improves
efficiency and lowers costs since it has no filling pump and requires no tank seal maintenance.


Maximum Part Dimensions WxDxH 38.6" x 28.7" x 9.84"
Table Size 35.43" x 23.62"
Maximum Part Weight 2,204 lbs.
X Axis Travel 15.75"
Y Axis Travel 11.81"
Z Axis Travel 9.84"
U / V Axis Travel 1.18" x 1.18"
Taper Angle 0 to 30 Deg. @ 2.04"
Wire Diameter .004" - .012"
Rapid Traverse Rates 35 IPM
Rated Cutting Speed 28" sq/hr
Dielectric Capacity 66 Gallons
Machine Dimensions W x D x H 76.77"x100.4"x78.7"
Machine Weight 7,165 lbs.

Equiped with

Charmilles CNC Control w/ Graphics
Auto Wiring Threading
Standard Tooling Table
Filtration Unit - 2 Paper Filter Capacity
12.1" Color Monitor
Integrated Strategies
Program Editing During Machining
Help Menu
Restart After Power Failure
On Board Documentation
Advantage Chiller
All Available Manuals