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1991 O-M Ltd. Omega 60 Fanuc 15TA


1996 O-M Omega 60 Vertical CNC Lathe that is made in Japan.  The table bed is made of high-grade cast iron having a sufficient thickness.  To ensure smooth rotation and continued high rotational accuracy, the table has the optimal bearing structure in which adequately preloaded precision class large size bearings are contained to obtain the appropriate rotational characteristics according to the particular dimensions of the table.  The table drive uses two-speed transmission and AC acceleration transmission motors based on quench-lapped precision gearing, and thus allows powerful cutting over a wide speed range. Since the table bed, the column and the table rotating motor are separated and power is transmitted via V-belting, the table does not directly undergo the effects of the heat or vibration stemming from the motor.
The O-M’s mounting surface for turning tools, i.e. the Dual contact surface is completely independent of the tapered spindle surface.  Thus, the spindle bearings are prevented from being damaged by any external force during turning operations.  In addition to the ram that has been increased in size, a newly developed auxiliary clamping mechanism is employed to offer an excellent cutting capability.  The tool shank for the rotary tool and the pull stud conform to MAS403 and can be shared between machines.  Both the vertical drive and the horizontal drive employ an AC servomotor and a large diameter ball screw. Since the feed guideway uses a sliding system consisting of a quench lapped surface and low friction slide liner, the intended capabilities of the feed mechanism excellent in vibration absorption are developed to their maximum during grooving, intermittent cutting, heavy duty cutting and finish cutting. The vertical drive uses 200mm pitched step plates and hydraulic locating pins to obtain high positioning, accuracy and parallelism.
The Fanuc 15TA control panel provides manual or CNC control.  All control operations for independent operation and fully automatic operation including table rotation, operation mode selection, feed rate selection, manual pulse generation, feed override selection, X/Z axis return to home position, NC starting, dry run, tool nose radius compensation, etc.


Table Diameter 43.25"
Max. Swing 59"
Max. Turning Dia. 53"
Maximum Turning Height 31.5"
Maximum Workpiece Weight 4,400 lbs.
Maximum Torque on Table 6,817 ft./lbs.
Maximum Cutting Force 5,500 lbs.
Number of Speed Ranges 2 / Infinitely Varia.
Table Speeds 4-149 / 16.4-600 RPM
Table Motor 10 Min. / Contin. 75 HP / 60 HP
Max. Height Table Top-Holder Face 38"
Z-Vertical Travel 31.5"
X-Horizontal Travel -Rt. Of Tbl. Ctr. 52"
X-Horizontal Travel-Lft. Of Tbl. Ctr. 2"
Number of Tool Positions 16 Position ATC
Rapid Traverse Rates X, Z 472 IPM
Machine Dimensions 180"x164"x175"
Machine Weight 34,000 lbs.

Equiped with

Manual 3-Jaw Chuck
16 Position Tool Changer
75 HP Table Drive Motor
Coolant Tank w/Pump
Chip Conveyor
Approximately 12 Tool Holders


Very Good


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