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1989 Matsuura RA-II Yasnac MX-3

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The Matsuura RA-2 machine comes equipped with a factory installed pallet changer and a two speed gear box for extremely high productivity and versatility.   The automatic pallet changer driving mechanism provides a shock less 9 seconds pallet change with few moving parts for high reliability, speed and accuracy.  The unique pallet changing mechanism is a rack and pinion design utilizing the X axis motion.  The C shaped arm assures rapid, shock less transfer of the pallets through smooth acceleration and deceleration.  The simplified pallet transfer mechanism uses no additional motor or hydraulics providing reliable operation of the pallet changer.  The pallet clamping system with four tapered cones assures high clamping repeatability within .00012”.  Air blow keeps chips and coolant away from the cones.  The RA-2 offers good access to both the machining area and the pallet station.  An infrared security system alerts the machine to operator intrusion and automatically enters the operator loading status. Upon completion of operator loading, the ready button must be pushed before the pallet change cycle can continue.
To minimize any change in accuracy due to the movement of heavy works along the X or Y axis the bed is heavily ribbed and is truss structured to be highly resistant to any type of distortion. The diagonally arranged ribs of the column minimize the distortion caused by the complicated forces exerted on the column during cutting.
The RA-2 with two gear ranges offers constant horse power over a greater range of spindle speeds.  The 70mm diameter spindle is supported at three points by properly preloaded ultra precision angular contact bearings.  The machine is equipped with an oil cooler that circulates oil around the spindle removing heat generated in the bearings.  This maintains the temperature equal to that of the machine itself and minimizing growth.
All the slide ways and ball screws are protected with steel covers. The cam driven double grip type ATC mechanism provides a 1.8 seconds trouble free tool change operation.  All axes and the spindle are powered by AC motors that are fully enclosed, airtight brushless motors and are free from contamination by dust and mist, and are thus maintenance free.
The RA-2 is ideal for either small or high productions runs with an easy load station and a well designed two pallet small footprint.


Table Size / Number of Pallets 23.6" x 14.9" / 2 Pallets
Table Load Capacity 550 lbs
Pallet Change Time 9 Seconds
Table Top to Spindle Nose 5.9" - 24"
X-Axis Travel 23.62"
Y-Axis Travel 16.14"
Z-Axis Travel 18.5"
Spindle Taper BT #40
Spindle Speed 30 - 7,000 RPM - 2 Speed Geared
Spindle Motor 30 Min / Cont. 10 HP / 7.5 HP
Tool Magazine Capacity 30 Position Tool Changer
Tool Change Time 1.8 seconds
Maximum Tool Diameter / Length / Weight 5.9" / 11.8" / 17.6 lbs.
Rapid Traverse Rates (X,Y/Z) 590 IPM / 472 IPM
Cutting Feedrates 197 IPM
Machine Dimensions 146"x111"x106.5"
Machine Weight 9,680 lbs.

Equiped with

2 Pallet Changer
30 Station Side Mount Swing Arm ATC Option
2 Speed Gear Box
Boxed Way Design
Brushless Style Motors
AC Servo Feed Motors
Daikin Spindle Oil Chiller
Coolant System
Full Enclosure
Delivered New in April of 1990




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